Thank You for recognizing what some extraordinarily fascinating creatures we are and spoiling us accordingly! (Buster and Mowgli) “To all the gang at Dog Gone It Pet Care – just wanted you to know what a great job you do watching over our boys. They both are missing you already. Thank you for the great care you provide”. – Terry and Mary Sullivan

“I used Dog Gone It for daily visits for our family cat Lyle. Their professionalism, from the first meeting, was outstanding. I was totally confident that Lyle would be taken care of during our absence.Additionally, they took mail in and put out garbage bags for collection at no additional charge. Daily texts were sent keeping us informed of how things were going while we were out of the country. One lovely touch… The cat belongs to my daughter whose wedding we were attending – the pet sitter put together a video of Lyle including his best wishes on the wedding day!
I absolutely highly recommend Dog Gone Pet Sitters”. Julia Hodgkinson

I so appreciate knowing someone reliable and competent is taking care of my dogs. You have helped me at times when no one else would. Your care is the greatest! I know no one else is as good as your company. The girls just love you! Hope your family has a great Holiday season! Jayne Gerba

Dear Tom, thank you for the peace of mind for us, and the wonderful care and attention you and Lori gave our little guy Louie. We appreciate what you do! Barb and Charlie Disanto

I have used Dog Gone It for almost two years, from the time I moved to Brunswick until the time I moved away (May 2015). I move very often and have never experienced the level of professionalism that Tom offers. Additionally, one of my dogs has never been good around men but Tom quickly developed a strong bond with her and her sister, both Ridgebacks. Tom, Patty and Kristi always sent me pictures and texts during their visits to I know my ‘kids’ are being looked after and cared for. An added bonus is they picked up dog waste before I returned. I give DGI my strongest recommendation and both my dogs and I will miss Tom and his team. Thank you Tom, Kristi, and Patty!!

“5 stars and 2 thumbs up for the wonderful care my 2 dogs receive from Tom and his attentive staff. It is a relief to know that my “girls” are well taken care of when my husband and I work long days. These dogs are our “kids” and Tom takes care of them like his own. Always willing to help when we get into a jam or when my work schedule gets changed! We have been with Dog Gone It Pet Care since moving to Strongsville 3 years ago and I would not dream of looking anywhere else for great, reliable pet care!!!! – Thanks Tommy  – Beth, Karl, Izzy, Gracie and Mousie Nickel

“Hi Tom, Thank you for everything! I am so impressed with your service. I loved your messages and your staff are quite the writers! The pictures of my little man ManyPenny helped me stay calm while on vacation. Mr. ManyPenny loves you guys AND so do I! Thanks again”. MaryAnn McKeever

Tommy and his staff are awesome! My fur boys love every one of them and the care they receive is top notch. Lori always manages to snap a pic of one of the boys in full bark mode and multiple pics are emailed while I’m away. I guess the best testimonial I could give would be the boys are spoiled rotten when I get home! ‘ Joanne Kazar

“In January we hired Tommy from Dog Gone It  to come and help with potty training for our new addition to the family. It was supposed to be temporary until Mojo could get through the day. Here we are over 5 years later, Mojo definitely potty trained, we still have Dog Gone It come and care for both our dogs. It is comforting to know that someone who is trustworthy is here to walk our “kids” while we are at work. Thanks Dog Gone It”!

Chris Lenox

“We have used Tom and his team for almost 3 years. They are excellent for dog walking visits. We always received a pic and visits notes after each visit. Sometimes 4 in a day. They always look happy in the pics and they are fun to get. Always makes us smile to see our happy dogs while gone. Plus you have someone checking your house while on vacation. That is an added benefit. No coming home to surprises. Prices are great as well. Very comparable to kennels. I knew my dogs would be less stressed then the craziness of a kennel. Relieve yourself of the stress and call Tom today. Incredibly worth it.” Chris, Gina, Beags and Cleo Smith

Dear Tom, Louise and Lori,

Thank you for your kindnesses in taking care of Pepper of the past years.  Your recent visit, Tom, and cards, emails and texts from you, Louise and Lori…………..they have meant so much.   We never had a pet, until Pepper, so we never knew how this loss was going to affect us.   It has truly been very difficult. Even our boys, who are married and live away, are having a hard time. I always knew your staff cared for your furry clients.  Thank you for caring for their families, also. May our paths cross again. Blessings, Terri and Wayne Mosley

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate your service. It has worked out great for me. It saves me the hassle of hunting down a friend or family member to stop by or take my dog to a kennel, whenever I need to go somewhere for a day or two. Cindy has been great, and is very friendly, and provides me updates every time she stops by. I was recommended your service by a friend, and I would also highly recommend your service. Thanks again”!    Rob McAteer

“Tommy was a very friendly guy from our first meeting. I was very apprehensive about leaving my dog/household with a “stranger”, but as soon as we met with Tommy at our initial consult, I felt much better. Our dog Trey was with Tommy for a week and still asks when he is coming back! He took Trey on long walks and sent us three pictures with thorough updates each time! He also took out our garbage and retrieved the mail for no extra cost. I would recommend Dog Gone It to anyone with pets. It is very reasonably priced for the peace of mind you receive”. Thanks Tommy! Jessica Ammiller


“Tom Miller and his staff of Dog Gone It has been providing services since I adopted a little bundle of energy named Milo last October. I continue to be impressed with not just his dependable care and flexibility to meet the needs of my schedule, but also with the obvious affection he has for his four-footed clients. Being a first-time puppy mom, Tom has provided me with welcome suggestions and encouragement. The experience I have had with Dog Gone It has been above and beyond what I expected in a? dog walker? service even prior to yesterday. But when I called Tom last night at 9pm to ask him if he could take care of Milo because of a family emergency, he responded immediately, coming out of his way to pick Milo up and take him back to my home. Not your average dog walking service!


Thanks Tom for your care and concern for your four-footed clients and their owners”! Nancy Nebenzahl

“The staff are professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am so happy with the work they have done. My cats Rhett and Pickles were well taken care of and spoiled. They just love Tommy and his staff. It is such a relief to be able to travel and know that they are in good hands.
I loved receiving the photo updates. I will continue to use the service and I highly recommend it.”

Monica C. Blozy

“Thanks for doing the dirty work! We know we were a little outside of your service area and the yard is bad, feel free to leave the evidence by my initial collection near the gate. Thanks again”!

Carrie and Frank Busic

“Jim and I thank you so much for keeping out backyard so clean and us not having to worry about our daughter finding something new to play in”. 

Kami and Jim Philips


The 3 most difficult aspects of family travel are: The Airlines; Work; and Pet Care! While I have no control over the airlines and some control over work (while on vacation), my family and I are WORRY FREE when it comes to our beloved Chloe because of the outstanding care, comfort and love provided by Tom at Dog Gone It Pet Care!! Dan Dreiling


“I have used DGIYD for several years. Tom’s whole staff is very professional and caring for our pets.  His team also helps me out keeping the yard clean and that is very helpful having three dogs and full time careers.  My wife and I will continue to use Tom’s services while living in Westwood Farms.  Our neighbors should really know about this wonderful service”.

All the Best Tom and Staff – Anthony, Carrie, Jovie, Frankie and Cali

“There are very few people I would trust with Jersey (my Bull Mastiff) and my house unattended, but Tom and Amy have been beyond great!!!  I would recommend Dog Gone It to anyone who has a pet that needs attention during the day. Sometimes I wonder if Jersey likes Tom and Amy better than me. 🙂 Thank you”!!!

Rock Mills

“As we’re heading into our third year with Dog Gone It I can hardly remember what I hated about doing the clean-up myself.  All I know is that my yard is clean (not only is dog waste removed but rabbit waste too!)  Yoda is mostly blind and mostly deaf, but she can smell spring in the air, and happily runs out to her patio/courtyard every day.  I’m so glad that it’s healthy for her (and me) and I appreciate your custom pricing for my very small property. Thanks for doing what you do”!

JoEllen Kroll

Tom and his crew are wonderful. They have been letting my dogs out and picking up after them for 2 or more years. My greyhounds look forward to them coming, and nearly pout on the days Tom or Shel don’t come! If they identify a problem with the dog (accident in the house, or a tic or something yucky in the poo) they let me know right away, and try to remedy the problem. These people are genuinely nice, caring people that look after and clean up after our 4 legged friends as well or better than I do. My only regret is not finding them sooner!
And every day they send a message with pics of my dogs. Adds a smile to the work day. Michelle South

“Thank God for Tom Miller and Dog Gone It’s Yard Duty…We have 2 large boxers and 2 little girls.  We love our dogs but HATE the clean up.  When the snow melted and we saw the backyard, it was a disastrous mess.  We called Tom and they were out the next day and we came home to a clean yard. It was such a great feeling.  My girls love playing in the backyard and love having friends over. With Tom and his staff, we know the yard is cleaned up and my kids can run and play without the landmines. He provides a clean backyard for my kids…we cant ask for anymore. We have them come twice a week and plan our lawn mowing around his clean up as well. It is great knowing that if you have last minute guests come over that there is nothing to worry about and our yard is ready.  We HIGHLY recommend Tom and his staff to anyone with pets…he does what we all hate to do”.

Amy and Steve Robinson

“We are very pleased with the clean-up service provided by Cindy. Our yard looks great and the two dogs are happy that their favorite places are “available”. Having this help makes owning two dogs for these two senior citizens a real joy. A big thank you”! Dale and Judy Wall

My husband and I used Dog Gone It Pet Care for the past several years to take care of our “fur children” — two dogs and one cat. Tommy and his team always treated our little ones as their own and provided great service as well as flexibility when we needed it. I loved getting the texts including photos particularly when my job took me out of the immediate area. We also used the clean-up service the company offers which was great too.

We moved away from the area but if we had not done so, we would still be using their services. I highly recommend Tommy and his team!   Colleen Bruemmer


“We feel so fortunate to have found Tom Miller and Dog gone It to help us with our very active and happy silver Labrador puppy. He comes and lets her out, walks her and plays fetch with her twice a week so she doesn’t get too frustrated with our work schedules.  They are very reliable and obviously he has never met a dog or cat he can’t make best friends with. Tom adds to our comfort level by texting us a daily activity report that even includes a snapshot of Chimay on their walk or playtime. He takes care of anything he sees that needs done for the pets and even throws in some yard duty. The peace of mind he brings is priceless”.

Sabine and Chimay Halterman

“I fractured my knee and was on crutches for 9 weeks last winter and I could not get into the yard and do my cleanup after a long winter.  I looked on the web and lo and behold? I found my angel with a scooper!!!  Tommy was such a blessing and continued to clean up for my 2 dogs all summer!!!!  I cannot praise him and his service enough.  He was always prompt and did such a thorough job.  I intend to use his company for pet sitting so my husband and I can enjoy some vacation time together real soon.  Thanks again Tommy?you have a great service”!

Nina & Bob

“I just want to say that Dog Gone It is wonderful to work with!! They are always friendly and happy to help out and is very good at last minute requests! When the snow thaws and there are all those mushy piles in the yard, they come to the rescue!!!  They pace off the the yard as they goes and doesn?t miss one bit of it!  DGIYD is very affordable too!!!

Thank you Tom!  We will continue to use your services more and more”!

Sheila and Molly thank you too!!!! – Carolyn Nehrenz


“I am now starting my third season with your team cleaning my yard on a weekly basis.  I can honestly say that you have been a life saver.  I love my two german shepherds to death, but I hate cleaning up after them. Like yourself, I am constantly on the go.  I schedule my lawn mowings around your crew cleaning up my yard. It is such a blessing to come to my property and be able to just mow the lawn. I wish all of my clients would use your services.  


I have watched many companies grow. Some have grown too fast and lose that personal touch, but you have maintained that top notch service that every pet owner wants. Your team is always on schedule, and your prices have remained extremely reasonable. I highly recommend your service to everyone. Thanks again Tom, keep up the great work”!


Todd Jones

Jones Landscapes Inc.

“Our fur kids love Dog Gone It! My husband and I go on frequent, sometimes long vacations which always caused me anxiety for our cats. We refuse to put them in kennels and would have to rely on family and friends to visit them. When we found Dog Gone It we were a little worried about having someone come into our home but soon found this service to be hands down the best! Tom visits our kids like clockwork, sends us updates regarding their eating/pooing habits and best of all send us pictures of our kids. Nothing makes me enjoy vacation more than knowing that my kids are taken care of in their own home. Tom is a local guy who just wants to provide great service to our great community so I recommend him whole heartedly. We will use Tom and Dog Gone it forever:)- Thanks Tom”! Kim, Nick, Malibu and Captain Morgan

“Thank you, thank you, Dog Gone It Yard Duty!!  We have three dogs, one African Grey parrot, and six chickens. We’ve always counted on one of my kids to take care of the pets and chickens, but this time we had an out of town family wedding so there would be no family to care for our brood.  What to do?  That’s when I found Dog Gone It Yard Duty!  From the first meeting we felt so comfortable leaving our furkids. Although a friendly lot, our dogs are very tentative when it comes to meeting new people.  Not to fear, before too long all three dogs were climbing in Tommy’s lap and giving him wet puppy kisses!  Our personal care giver got along great with the dogs, fed them, cleaned up after them and I’m sure he even taught Sophie how to sit at the door before going outside!  Best of all he sent us pictures at every visit!  I have to admit, I looked forward to getting those texts!  Oh, and did I mention that the parrot and chickens were taken care of as well!  Buster, Suzie and Sophie really enjoyed his visits and we felt so much better leaving them in their care. Now I can’t wait to go on vacation again”!!

Greg and Jeannie Sikora

” Dog Gone It Yard Duty and staff are the best!  Tom is a professional and his love for animals shows every time I talk with him.  My neighbor called me and told me all about Tom and how well he takes care of her dogs, so I used his company. Here is a pic of our Storm at 9 years old! Thank You Tom, Talk to you soon”!

Wendy Nehrenz

Want to thank you again for taking such good care of our dog Ginger while we were out of town. This is the first time I have left her behind and at the house with an afternoon service. There has always been family and neighbors that have watched her and taken her home for the night. It was very unsettling to leave her behind alone. I knew a kennel was not the way to go for her. Your company has been so friendly, accommodating and loving towards animals. I knew I made the right choice upon leaving her in your care but with the added text’s with updates and pictures at each visit was just what I needed to be completely at ease. They were very comforting and assuring.  The time spent at each visit I know was very good for our dog.  I will recommend you to my family and friends. I think my sister will be using your service the next time they leave for out of town for their cat. Thanks again for loving my dog!!!!

Joan Armbruster

“I just wanted to say thank you VERY much!!!!!!!! I looked in my backyard after the 1st real thaw and was horrified. I did NOT want to clean up that mess. I have one ginormous dog, one medium sized dog, and it?s been a very long winter. The thought alone disgusted me.

One call to DGIYD and I was at ease. Tommy assured me he?d be there as soon as possible. He told me he would call the day before and let me know when he was coming. He did just as promised and took care of the backyard. I came home after work and saw the bags of doggie doo! Thank you Tommy!!!!! I wouldn?t have done a better job if I attempted it myself”. J Erin Huff

Five stars for this company! Very professional! You can tell that Tom loves dogs and they love him! He is very knowledgeable about dogs and did some training with our puppy to teach him some commands and how to walk on a loose leash. Tom took the time to also teach us how to continue the steps he had put in place and gave us other tips as well. Our puppy learned very quickly and the results are evident. We can enjoy our puppy much more now because he listens better and is a bit calmer! Thanks Tom!    Michelle Morgan


In August of 2014, we welcomed an 8 week old Australian Shepherd puppy named Miles into our family. Since my husband and I both work, and Australian Shepherds are notorious for getting “bored” easily and needing a lot of exercise, we decided to hire someone to take Miles out to break up his day. I found Dog Gone It online, and since they are close to us and the prices were reasonable, I contacted them. Tommy called back right away and scheduled a “get to know us” session. From the moment Tommy and Jackie walked in the door, I knew I would be comfortable allowing them into my home. They answered all of our questions and really took an interest in getting to know Miles and our routines. They were able to start the following week, and since then, the service has been truly amazing! Jackie sends a text with pictures everyday, documenting her visit with Miles, and although I don’t always get a chance to respond, I truly appreciate the peace of mind that comes with those texts — I know Miles is happy and cared for when we’re not there. Although we never asked her to, Jackie goes above and beyond by cleaning up the yard and making sure our cat has food and a little love too!

When Miles was having some behavior issues, Tommy personally came out to the house at no charge to give us a training session and provided some very helpful advise. He even gave us a video and coupons!

I will definitely continue to use Dog Gone It for all of our pet care needs, and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for awesome care at a reasonable price!

Amy Firment

“My husband and I can’t say enough of about ourexperience with DGIYD. We get daily updates included with adorable pictures of our dog Bentley while on his walks. From day one they have shown care and concern for our dog especially with his aggressiveness and stomach issues. Tommy has been so flexible with our schedule changes and always gets back to us when we call or text. Bentley loves Tommy and truly enjoys his walks. DGIYD Rocks”!

Michelle and Mark Stormrieski

“As new parents to Rocco, our Norwegian Elkhound mix, it was very important to us to find a trustworthy and reliable dog walker.  We immediately felt comfortable with both Tom and Amy.  The daily picture and text messages assure us that Rocco is getting the attention and exercise he needs while we are at work.  They haven?t missed a day, even when the weather has been at its worst!  The service is outstanding, not to mention the confidence of knowing that both our pet and home are safe and secure.  We would highly recommend Dog Gone It to anyone seeking 1st rate care for their pets”.  AJ & Toby

“Many, many thanks for taking such great care of Oskie while we were gone recently on Christmas vacation.  Now that we?re empty nesters, we were in need of a dependable resource for Oskie for when we go out of town, and we’ve definitely found it with you.  Besides knowing that we could count on you to be there to take Oskie out back and feed him several times a day and spend some quality time with him so he wouldn’t be too lonesome, we appreciate your extra help bringing in the mail and the paper for us and especially your picture texts each time you stopped in so we could see how you guys were getting along.  We couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to come hang out with our little buddy.  It’s nice to know someone who we can count on for when we hit the road; we’ll definitely recommend you to our friends who are in need of similar help, and we’ll see you again next trip.  Happy New Year to you and your family”!
Tom, Debb & Oskie Haley

Thank you so much for taking care of our cat Lola while during the Holidays. Needless to say I think she was expecting you when we walked in Sunday morning. Happy New Year to you and yours. I will be letting everyone know about your company.

Sharon and Brian Boose

“I have trusted Dog Gone It to care for my 2 dogs and cat for a couple years now.  They are always well taken care of and happy!  I would usually board the dogs when I am away but I always feel bad that they are locked up in cages away from home (not to mention wreaked of kennel and usually got some kind of illness) and thought an in-house sitter would be the way to go but was hesitant to have a stranger in the house but once I had a meet and greet with Tommy and the fur babies I was instantly at ease.  The dogs seemed to love Tommy right away and he is very responsive to requests and always pleasant.  Tommy goes above and beyond what I had expected!  I love getting pictures of them while I am away and I know they are exercised and happy. Often when I return home they seem to miss the fun they have while I’m gone since we get back to life as normal when I don’t always have the time stimulate them.  I will definitely be using the pet sitting again in the future and I highly recommend Dog Gone it Yard Duty”!

Chris Meisinger

“The yard looked great!  Your voice mail cracked me up! I didn’t realize that you checked it out to make sure there wasn’t any foreign objects in there.  Mike

“This company is top notch. I was skeptical at first because I had never used a pet sitter before. Now that I know Tom is in business it is easy for me to plan overtime and vacations with my family. His prices are very reasonable and he has expressed discounted pricing to Veterans, Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women. I would recommend him to anybody”. John Fitzerald

“I could not always get to the yard cleanup because of late work hours and a bad back. Saving the cleanup for the weekend was not fair to the dogs. I was lucky enough to find Dog Gone It on the web. Tom and his staff are friendly and courteous. They do a good job of cleaning my large yard and the dogs love them. I intend to use the service as long as I have dogs in Tom’s service area.

Recently one of my dogs figured out how to open the gate and was roaming the neighborhood. Tom spent much time and effort to capture him and return him to the yard and devise a makeshift way to keep him in the yard until my return from work to install a second lock. I’m forever grateful to Tom for saving my dog from potential danger. Thanks Tom”! Shelbie Skinner

I would like to say how wonderful Dog Gone It Pet Care is. They were very professional and took excellent care of my dog. I would recommend them to everyone. If I ever need a dog walker again I certainly would have them and only them to watch my dear Shepard mix Haylee. They are very caring and loving to pets and you can see through the updates that they truly care and are good at what they do. They have unconditional love for animals and I am so appreciative for there hard work. If anyone is ever in the market for a dog walker you seriously need to consider them. Your animal will be in very good hands. Haylee and I love you guys!!!!

Patricia Prain

“We have been using Dog Gone It for a couple of years now for vacation pet sitting. The communication we receive is great and it really gives us peace of mind to know that a professional company is taking care of our kitties while we are away. We would recommend Tom and Dog Gone It to any “Pet Parent” that wants great care while away”.

Jane and Ted Edwards (and the Cats)

“I love this service… Thanks Tom for all you guys do”! Amber Briane

“We were really impressed to see how nice the yard looks and Mike is excited to starting mowing the lawn without having to watch out for the landmines. I appreciate how much effort went into cleaning up after the 3 dogs for such a great price. We are definitely interested in setting up with you for the season.  It will be so nice to have one less thing to worry since I will be occupied with the new baby, and we get the $ off!

I did not realize that you also did pet sitting. We are looking for someone to help us out when I go into labor. Since we don’t know exactly when that would be it’s hard to find someone who can do last minute. We were so glad we found Dog Gone It”.

Nicole Bihari

“We have known Tom Miller (Founder) for over 8 years. Tom is extremely dependable and dedicated to providing the highest quality service to his customers. Tom always strives to meet the specific needs of each client. I highly recommend Tom to every pet owner looking for excellent service”. Jan and Jon Loas.

As a client for the last few months, I wanted to write and submit some of my experiences with ?Dog Gone It?, as this has been my very first time using a dog sitting service?

First of all, I am an advent dog lover.  Having shown and bred champion-line golden retrievers for the last 8 years, I am very particular about my dogs regarding their physical/emotional health, and over-all well-being.  I had to return to full-time work within the last 1.5 years, but before this time, I only worked very part-time for the previous 10 years.  In other words, none of the 3 dogs that I have now, has ever known me to be gone during full-time working hours, and this has left me so very guilt-ridden, and just feeling so sad that I have to leave them alone for all those hours everyday.

I called a few dog sitting companies to compare prices, services, and most importantly, to search for the impressions of each company’s owner.  Among the 8 of so called dog sitters I spoke with, Tom Miller was one of them.  First of all, I liked his personality, as he was out-going and he also seemed to have a higher level of canine understanding than the others I spoke with.  Tom came out to my home for a doggie meeting, and to find out more about what my expectations and needs were.  Being a healthcare provider, and wanting a certain level of confidence in my doggie caregiver, I quizzed Tom on what he would do in case of an emergency, giving him a life threatening case scenario.  He passed and I felt that he would be capable in handling any potential emergency with my dogs.

As mentioned, I have 3 dogs, but at the time I met Tom, I also had 3 puppy girls, about 9 weeks old from a recent litter I had, so Tom would be in charge of 3 adults, and 3 babies? a regular handful!!  Tom seemed to have no problem caring for all of the dogs, and would give me an update with each visit via my cell phone with dog pictures from his blackberry!  In addition, I have certainly appreciated his keen observations regarding my dogs.  For example, he does take the time to notice if there is anything different about the dogs, like when one of them had the beginnings of an eye infection, any bowel changes, especially in the pups, etc? or if the water bowl needs filling, and if the yard needs some Yard Duty?!!

He also seems to have learned very quickly the special personalities of each of my beloved ?canine kids?, like knowing which one is the more active or lazy one, or which one likes the ?tummy rubs?!  Now that all the puppies are sold, he walks all 3 of the adult dogs, in which initially was a bit difficult, since they are show dogs, and have always had a very large open space to roam, thus not being very leash trained!  After a few visits from Tom, and working with my dogs, they all have done very well on their walks, allowing them the attention and exercise they need.

Over all, I am very pleased with the care my dogs receive from Tom Miller at, Dog Gone It, and have him scheduled to come out 3 times a week for 1-hour visits.  My golden kids receive some human attention throughout the workweek, that I know they appreciate, and I am relieved of some of the guilt from being gone much more, which makes me happy and content, knowing that they are in good hands!!

Maureen Kilrain

Who would believe I’d have to hire a dog service!!!  Those were my exact words when I found out my company were moving our offices; a 35 mile one-way trip, approximately 50-60 minutes a day of driving. But really, that wasn’t the issue; my concern was ?who is going to take care of the dog????

Now mind you; our 12 year old, precious, stubborn, passive-aggressive basset-hound; Latte, aka, Mr. Big, for obvious reasons, has never been kenneled, nor has he had to wait much past 4:30 pm., to be let out, what to do?.

Dog Gone it Yard Duty to the rescue. They came over, met with us and Latte, they spent a good deal of time getting to know Latte, his patterns, what he likes, dislikes, my husband and I were impressed.  That next week Latte tested out DGIPC; success!

They definitely have a passion for the animals they care for; DGIPC called me everyday the first week just to let me know how Latte responded, if something was peculiar, out of the ordinary, they mentioned that to me.  All in all this has been a great experience and would recommend Dog Gone It to everyone.

Cheryl Buchwald

“I don’t even have a dog, but after seeing Tom Miller’s Dog Gone It certifications and business philosophies, it makes me want to get one”!
Marvin C.- SCORE Business Management Counselor

We are so happy with the service we get from Dog Gone It . Tommy Miller has been taking care of our 3 dogs and 1 cat when we go out of town. The dogs love him, which they do not love everybody. He plays with them, feeds them, cleans up after them and takes them for walks. He sends us the best pictures and updates while we are away. He goes above and beyond taking care of the pets as well as other house duties like bringing in the trash cans or picking up the mail while we are gone. We are so pleased with his professionalism and would encourage others to use his services when in need, you will not be disappointed. Very happy customers, The Roberto Family

“Thank you for donating the Doggie Mansion for the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids raffle.  We never thought that we would win it! That was such a wonderful blessing for us! Gracie (our rescued Great Pyrenees) and Faith (our rescued Shepard/Bull Terrier mix) like to go and sit inside of it, while our 2 chihuahuas, Bingo and Angel, prefer to sit on the porch.”

Mary, John and Mary Beth D’Onofrio with Gracie

“I became a customer due to the fact that my previous dog cleanup company had to close their business.  Tom was very happy to have me as a new client. I only had them as “pooper scoopers” for about 6 weeks or so when my dog had to be put to sleep. After Lilly’s passing, they were notified and did one good final cleanup for me. They were also very happy to refund the money for unused services. The positive thing that came out of this experience in working with Tom was the fact that the refund came quickly. I did not have to constantly call waiting for my refund.  I would not hesitate in recommending this company to anyone.  In fact, if I ever extended my family to include another 4 legged human, I wouldn’t give contacting them a second thought in taking care of my property”. Kathy Burley

?Tom served as Branch Manager at Multi-Fund of Columbus, Inc. during my employment with the Brokerage. Tom was a great communicator and motivator who helped his team grow into successful originators. He displayed a genuine interest in helping our team to become better professionally and individually. As an originator, Tom held his morals close, of doing what is right for the client, which is evident in his ability to have many satisfied and repeat clients. I recommend Tom as an honest businessman, entrepreneur and friend.?  Mike Ruhrkraut  

“You’re right our boy definitely loves sticks! Thanks again for helping us out on such short notice. We will definitely keep you in mind for the future. Your attention to his pooping was above and beyond the call of doodie”! Melissa, Karl and Carson Crist – Fairview Park

Congratulations on this exciting new venture. I am certain that your pet care service company will become one of the finest of its kind in Greater Cleveland. May “Dog Gone It Yard Duty” and you enjoy every success. Board of Cuyahoga County Commissioners – Peter Lawson Jones

“Thanks to Tom and Dog Gone It Yard Duty, we are at ease during the work week because he comes everyday to walk our chocolate labradoodle, Boomer.  Boomer is crate trained; and because of Tom’s work, we were able to easily get Boomer on a schedule and house trained quick!  For updates Tom sends photos, text messages, and videos of his outings with our Boomer. We appreciate his kindness to our puppy!


Erica Caso – Brunswick Hills

“Thanks for the great job you did for me and my dogs.You were prompt on returning my call, I recommend you to anyone who needs any of the services you offer. I will be talking great words of your business. Thank you again for the great customer service.”

“Charlene and I have known Tom for over 17 years. As a long time resident of Strongsville, his hard work and initiative will make this business a success”. Allen and Charlene Tracey.

” I use Dog Gone It and found them to be more than satisfactory. I have a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler, they are very responsive to people who like animals and are very responsive to Tommy.

It is very important to me that my pets like who they are with, as I feel more at ease leaving them at cozy home rather than a kennel. I have started to use Dog Gone It to service my yard on a weekly basis.

They are prompt and quick. I highly recommend them and will continue to use all Dog Gone It’s services”.

Carol Bobka

 My dog Hershey gets very excited to see their red truck come over to the house. She knows that she is going for a taxi ride! Highly recommended professional company. Jay C.

“I highly recommend Dog Gone It Yard Duty for all of my clients. Tom and his staff run a top-notch organization and provide both professional and timely service for their customers. As a dog trainer, and as someone who sees a lot of problem dogs, I appreciate Tom’s knowledge of canine behavior and I believe it truly adds to the successes of his business. Dog Gone It Yard Duty not only provides first class service to their customers, but they also take care of every pet as a member of your family.” Scott VanDenHaute- Owner/Head Trainer at Versatile K9 Training Academy LLC

“I have known Tom for 11 years. I have his wife and himself watch my kids! If I can trust him with my kids, you can trust him with your pets!” Steve Zarzechzny

I knew there were “dog poop cleanup services” however I was not aware that such a professional service existed like Dog Gone It!! I’ve used their services 3 times now and the owner Tommy is very kind caring individual whom I am very impressed with. Look forward to using his services as spring approaches and cant wait to buy one of their DOG MANSIONS this spring for my Pomeranian Rocky! They truly are a great company.

Justin Healey

“In support of Sts. Joseph and John’s annual Blue and Gold Gala event, we won the Dog Gone It Yard Duty service. We love it!” The Vollman Family

When I heard that it was a week for Dog Gone It’s “Yard Duty” I thought it was a misprint. I called immediately to take advantage. It isn’t a joke. They really have saved my back, my time and anxiety. Thanks again for the excellent service! Terry Cline

“I have been a friend of Tommy Miller’s for over 10 years now and I can honestly say that I couldn’t ask for a better golf partner than Tommy. He’s a strong competitor, a gracious loser (but not often!) and a guy who believes in playing the ball where it lies. Good form that doesn’t end on the golf course”! Jerry Bruno-Jerry Bruno Productions

“Being a dog professional, installing underground fences and working on a daily basis, I see the need for Dog Gone It Yard Duty up close and personal. I refer all my clients to Tom and his services as part of my first visit to a client, or potential client.

Based on genetic studies in 93-96 concluded that 95% of fecal coli form found in urban storm water was not of human origin. This bacterium can pose health risks to humans and other animals, and result in the spread of disease. It has been estimated that for watersheds of up to twenty-square miles draining to a small coastal bays, two or three days droppings from a population of about 100 dogs would contribute enough bacteria and nutrients to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shell fishing (USEPA). Pet waste can also be a factor in eutrophication of lakes. The release of nutrients from the decay of pet waste promotes weed and algae growth, limiting light penetration and the positive growth of aquatic vegetation. This in turn can reduce oxygen levels in the water, affecting fish and other aquatic organisms.

Dog waste is a huge problem and as such takes a professional, like Tom and his staff at Dog Gone It Yard Duty, to handle”. Bob Lehman- Contain-A-Pet

My wife and I use Dog Gone It Yard Duty for weekly cleanup as well as while we’re on vacation. My wife despises picking up after our Great Pyrenees, Lily. I’m on the road traveling most of the week, so we have Dog Gone It stop out and take care of business. I also had piece of mind when we went a ski trip in January knowing that Tommy was taking care of Lily in the comfort of our own home. Lily has accepted Tommy as part of the pack since day 1. Thanks for the great service.  Chris Peterson

“We saw the big “Red Rover” truck and laughed. Could it be true? Ohio’s very own dumb and dumber dog wagon? Then after the visit to the website it was very difficult to find reasons not to business with this company. After searching around to see others like D.G.I.Y.D., nobody makes the statement that this business does about making sure my pets feel safe at home. Good luck and we will use you on all our out of town excursions”. Brian Thomas

We just wanted to let you and your company know what a great job you have done with our dog Gypsy! Having a pure breed yellow lab (just like the one from Marley and Me) can get crazy often! With your help of her new walk routine not only has she calmed down a lot but is much happier! The only downside since we hired you is that I think she likes you more than us, jkJ No but seriously, she is a crazy dog and after we have come home on repeated occasions to find a new hole eaten out of the drywall, my wife?s shoe destroyed or my favorite hat devoured; we almost had to give her away (or at least I was). After taking her to the vet to ask for their advice, they recommended walking her at least twice a day. Between our busy schedules it became very hard to make that happen even though it seems like such an easy task. We hired another similar company to your awhile back and did have a problem; let?s just say they left their blue pen out on the coffee table (close enough to the edge for the dog to get at it) and our nice beige carpet turned blue along with the dog, as you can see from the picture below. That whole situation left a bad taste with us and we discontinued the service with that company, which I will keep anonymous.

Since we were introduced to you from a local friend, we decided to give it another go around. It?s been a few months now and we are completely satisfied! No more holes or chewed up shoes! With all the walking, it simply calms her down once she gets home and is great exercise for her. We will recommend you to anyone who we know that has a dog for your services. Thanks again! The Todd’s

“Wow what a great company! Iused to live in Michigan and used a neighborhood girl to let my dogs out. What a hassle. When I got transferred for work not too long ago, and as a single guy with 2 dogs, I simply don’t have enough time to care for them during the day. I ended up working with Dog Gone It which has been great! 5 days a week they take care of my dogs at my house and even have an exercise routine for them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dog Gone It has eliviated a lot of hassle, their professionalism is second to none, and their prices are very fair. (much less than I would have expected)”. Helix Fallon

“We have never had anyone care for our 2 dogs except family. We met with Tommy and he definitely made us and our pets feel very comfortable. He is very professional, caring and he provided the peace of mind we needed to enjoy our vacation. I think the dogs enjoyed their vacation as well! Thanks Tommy!”  Jenn and Frank Felice

“All I can say is personalized attention. Dog Gone It took such good care of my dog while I was gone for the weekend. They were very attentive to her needs and very gentle with her. She didn’t want to leave their side when I came home. This said alot!! Thanks, I will be calling you again soon”. Rita Minasola

Dear Tom, Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Royalton Hills Lions Club Paws to Paws Dog Walk. Our club is committed to community service and assistance for the blind including support of the pilot dog program. It’s the kindness and generosity of people like you that allow is to carry out our mission. We thank you for your support. Royalton Hills Lions Club

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