Personal Companionship

All of our options were developed to provide benefits to both owners and companions. Many times it allows for after work/school activities without having to hurry up and coordinate who will be home in time for Fido. It also gives enough time for your companions to stretch, say hello, receive ear and eye cleaning, do their potty break, have light play and/or walk, (depending on their age), get medicines and maintain optimal health. We have provided care for many breeds, sizes and shapes and are confident we can become friends with your beloved.    Be a fan and see our client picture gallery on facebook!


Timely Puppy Training Visits

Let your new furry family member get the experience they need during their most delicate stage of life. No more worrying about their condition while you are away. With Dog Gone It you’ll enjoy getting an update each visit on how they are progressing and lots of pictures for your scrapbook! Friendship, interaction, socialization, basic training, small portions of food, clean ups, and gentle stimulation for their development. Puppy Visits are scheduled around your work day schedule.  Rates   Puppy Tips


Mid-Day Dog Walks and Potty Breaks

Is your companion approaching his golden years? Do you have a furkid that is young, tenacious and has an A-Type personality? Do you work long hours and would like to get some of your evening back without feeling rushed? With Dog Gone It visiting during the day you will get some of your life back! Our one-on-one caregivers give love, exercise, basic grooming and the relief your furry friend can benefit from. Low cost 15 and 20 minute options available in Strongsville to suit your dogs age, routine and favorite thing to do. Visit Rates


Bargain Dog Waste Services – Dog Gone It’s Yard Duty

Not only do we have the most competitive rates for professional dog waste maintenance, we use nitrile doctor exam gloves to remove the fecal matter from your lawn, mulch beds and shrubs. Better than any scooper you can buy at the store, and more effective than a rake and small dust pan. If interested please visit our outside services division at for service areas, rates and additional information or call 440-879-8364 (UDOG).


What to expect From Dog Gone It’s In Home Dog Walkers and Puppy Training Visits

We promise easy communication, scheduling and care from your personal friendly caregiver. Once back to the property we dry off feet and dampened tummies, provide some fresh cool water,  brush time, artful gentle play, belly rubs and skull scratches (whatever your unique dog loves the most) and if you give them a treat – we do that too. Then we txt/email couple pics of the days visit and a detailed update about your special dog from your friendly personal caregiver.

Next Steps…    Tell us about your special companion!