Is a “meet and greet” session required prior to starting services?

Yes absolutely. This relationship building time allows us for the opportunity for us to better understand your daily routines and activity trends, discuss the can Do’s and Do not’s. “Get to know us sessions” are scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours, and Monday through Thursday into the early evening, subject to staff availability. This visit includes 2 professional caregivers. One caregiver is your primary and the other is an assistant or emergency back up. Please allow about 45 minutes for one dog. Additional time would be set aside for the session if you have multiple pets.


Do you use independent contractors?

We do not. You can have peace of mind knowing that our company staff has over 100 years of combined experience and are friendly, highly trained, members of Pet Sitters International, bonded, insured, uniformed and have workers compensation plans.


What would you do if there was an emergency?

Our office team is there to support the walkers in any type of scenario. We have staff members who support the walkers. Walkers are instructed to call the office team administer first aid at the first sign of any problem or emergency. Our office team always contacts clients by phone if there is a medical concern about the dog or if another emergency arises. We also collect an emergency contact for each client so we know who to contact in the event that you cannot be reached in an emergency. We have every dog’s vet information on file and an emergency release form. If your special pet is in a life-threatening situation we would transport him/her to the nearest vet, or utilize Mobile Vet Services (whichever were closer).


Do we need to give you keys?

Yes definitely! – At least one working house key must be provided before or on first visit. One stays with your personal caregiver and the garage code and/or other key stays in a lock box at home office in case power outage should ever arise.


Does your company have Walker Sick Days and Vacation Days? – Occasionally, our walkers do get sick or request time off for vacation. We will always let you know that your walker has requested time off. All of our staff members are bonded and insured through the company, and will always have a copy of your dog’s profile sheet so that he or she can keep the routine consistent and give your dog a great visit. We never have a stranger in your home. When another caregiver may be filling in you will have an opportunity for a quick meet n greet session with the person who will be taking care of your special pet.


What are considered holidays?

Dog Gone It is closed for mid day let out, walk assignments and Yard Duty on the following holiday days: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Day After Thanksgiving (Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Do you have an Aggressive Dog Policy?

Dog Gone It cannot care for aggressive dogs or dogs with a history of biting. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate services for a pet that we deem as being a danger to our walkers. We do however would like to know your situation so that we may be able to recommend a solution or refer a local dog trainer. We would know if we felt uncomfortable during our Free “Get to know us” session.


Are you insured or bonded?

Yes, we are both and also carry workers compensation. We carry an above average $1,000,000 policy through Business Insurers of the Carolina’s that protects not only your pet(s) and keys, but also your property. We also carry a $5,000 service bond for yard services through Barlow Insurance in Strongsville plus an additional $25,000 in-home infidelity bond. (Current declaration pages provided at meet n greet).


How do I know when my pet was visited?

Your personal care provider txt/Email quick notes after each visit that includes a picture (or few because we sometimes just can’t help it!), a few sentences about how the walk went and whether or not your dog(s) did his or her business. This is the best way for the walker to communicate how the walks are going and the pictures have an embedded timestamp in them. We often hear that the picture of their happy dog(s) makes their day more enjoyable.

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