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Many people use a neighbor to look after their pets when they have to be away during the day. Especially care for our puppies and elderlies. Does your family member or neighbor offer the same peace of mind that Dog Gone It Pet Care can offer?

Put the safety of your pet in the hands of certified professionals. Dog Walking and Puppy training is what we have been specializing in for over 10 years and that experience allows us to focus on the well being and happiness of your treasured pet in all stages of their lives.

If you are looking for a highly experienced care provider that is Veterinarian recommended with Vet Tech experience on staff, you have come to the right place!

Strongsville Dog Walker Boarding Alternative

Mid Day Potty Break Visits

Healthy alternative to dog daycare. Delightful time for gentle greetings, potty, light play, short walks and basic grooming. Comfort for all stages of a canines life!

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Strongsville dog walker

Dog Walks

Perfect outings for your unique dogs age, disposition, routine and energy levels. Your companion gets the intellectual and physical stimulation they crave and let’s you get time back at the end of your day. Don’t rush, we have you covered!

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Strongsville at home Puppy Dog Trainer

Puppy Dog Training

Start off your companion with companionship basics before bad habits develop. Repetition is key and our training is more effective than one or two week shock therapy boot camps. Friendship, command, response and praise methods with lots of love provided each and every visit. And many many pictures of your growing pup!


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